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Welcome to the Illinois Independent Umpires

The Illinois Independent Umpires (IIU) is a full service umpire assigning company. Registered as a Not for Profit, we are a different type of association:

Dependability Unlike your other umpire associations, where you rarely are able to contact an Assignor, the IIU prides itself on reliability, dependability, and the fact you can call or message an assignor at any time.

Reliability As of January 2015, the Illinois Independent Umpires has an attendance record that is second to none. We guarantee that umpires will be on your field at least 10-15 minutes before your game begins.

Technology  The Illinois Independent Umpires utilizes top of the line assigning software. Through the use of technology, we have brought umpiring into the 21st century to help associations manage their programs. We are not the organization that utilizes Pen and Paper, rather we rely on technological identities to build our umpire organization to be top of the line.

Illinois Strong  The Illinois Independent Umpires has a roster of nearly 300 qualified and trained umpires. Through our strict and stringent evaluation processes, we listen to our evaluation teams as well as the association feedback to go ahead and determine our rankings.

Dependability. Reliability. ILLINOIS STRONG. 

Through the continued support of our associations and our umpire staff, we are able to continue to strive and make the Illinois Independent Umpires the best it can be. 

Thank You for your continued support of the Illinois Independent Umpires




The Illinois Independent Umpires- Your Full Service Umpire Service.